the Gospel of
Jesus Christ
to all people
using all forms
of media
and providing
a way to

About Us

Need Him is a live conversation about Jesus.

Every year thousands of people contact us to talk about Him. Phone calls, online chatting, text messaging.

People say...
I need help. I don't know what to believe anymore.
Is Jesus real?
How many times will God forgive me for making the same mistake?

When people reach out to us they want to talk about things in life that matter most to them, and they want to know if Jesus can help.

We believe He can.

We've made it our goal to make it so that any two people in the world, using any device, can have a live conversation about Jesus irrespective of their native language.

Our use of leading-edge technology enables us to move closer to that goal every day.

The mission is simple. Intentionally present the good news of Jesus, the gospel, to all people, using all forms of media and provide a way for people to respond.

Many people respond by placing their trust in Him. Others respond with doubts. Either way, anyone who contacts Need Him will speak or chat with a real person, a trained volunteer, who will go out of their way to extend love and respect.

Need Him is not a prayer line or a counseling center. We simply provide means for a two-way conversation about Jesus and the hope he offers.

Jesus is undoubtedly the most significant person to have walked the earth, and we are beyond thankful that we get to share His story multiple times every day through media and real-time conversations. We see it as a special privilege to have real, honest conversations about Jesus with people who sincerely want to know if and why they NEED HIM.