the Gospel of
Jesus Christ
to all people
using all forms
of media
and providing
a way to

Our History

In 1996, George Barna released a report stating that up to 36% of a Christian radio audience did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result of this report, several ministries came together and discussed using 60-second radio spots to present a clear, concise, and culturally relevant Gospel message as well as a toll free number for listeners to respond.

The number was 888-NEED-HIM and it has been used on radio and television ever since. In addition, as technology has changed, so has the ways to share the good news. Need Him has embraced chat, text and other social media as a means to open conversation about Jesus where such dialogue traditionally did not occur.

When people contact us they reach our trained volunteers. These wonderful people give their time to have meaningful conversations with people who want to know what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The volunteer team connects via a virtual response center. Volunteers take calls from home or anywhere they have internet service.

In a culture where anonymity is prized, we offer a place for people to turn where they can find real answers offered in love and without confrontation. We are a ministry uniquely built to intentionally present the gospel so that people can respond.