the Gospel of
Jesus Christ
to all people
using all forms
of media
and providing
a way to

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“Millions have said they don’t need church. They don’t need religion. Yet they still Need Him.”

Need Him Global would like to thank you for partnering with us in our work. This ministry is unique in that we don’t use our interaction with those seeking Christ as a means to expand our donor base, solicit financial support, sell products, or add names to a mailing list. We exist solely to use as many means as possible to share Christ and provide a broad variety of ways for people to respond to Him.

Your donation goes directly to fund our three core pillars:

Announce the Gospel to all people
Answer those seeking to learn more
Advance the Kingdom for God’s glory

Last year nearly 275,000 individuals reached out to Need Him Global to have a live conversation about Jesus. Your gift provides a way for those conversations to continue and grow…

Again, thank you for your generous gift.

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