the Gospel of
Jesus Christ
to all people
using all forms
of media
and providing
a way to


Blanca called while addicted to drugs and promiscuity for 18 months; she had no place to turn for a listening ear and guidance.

I gradually slid into despair and hopelessness as I struggled with the hidden sins of my life. I decided to attend a youth group meeting at my non-denominational church. A leader asked me if I knew where I was going when I died. I didn't know what to say. He asked me to pray with him, but I backed off and refused.

Throughout that night, I kept thinking about what he had told me. The next day my sister was listening to a Christian radio station. The Need Him number came on the radio, and I called. The volunteer told me that God could forgive all my sins.

Three months later Blanca told Need Him, Since that day I haven't touched or done any kind of drug. God has saved me from sin and drugs!

 I come from a Catholic back-ground, Clara says. God had been working on my heart in a powerful manner. Driving to work, I was reflecting on Jesus' sacrifice for me, and it moved me to tears. I turned on the radio and heard a song, Take Me to the Cross. I then heard the phone number for Need Him, but I didn't call right away because of my immediate job obligations.

I went to a church Bible study that week, and shared my burden to know God better, but no one took the opportunity to present the Gospel to me. The next day I called Need Him and received Christ.

Since then my life has been changing. I am going to church and studying the Bible. Thank you, Jesus, for taking me to the cross!

Mary called, desperate for the Lord's help with the hard circumstances in her life. Tearfully, she said, My husband has left me, my children are grown and far away, and I recently moved from Kansas and have no family or friends.

I am an elementary school teacher with a masters degree, but I feel inadequate and my classroom is out of control. My life is in turmoil, and I am at the end of my rope.

The Need Him volunteer went through the plan of salvation with her and told her how much God loves her and wants to be her Father and Friend.

Mary tearfully prayed to the Lord, trusting in His forgiveness for her sins and committing her life to Him from that point on. I feel at peace now, Mary said, as though the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Mary now can face tomorrow as she walks in newness of life!