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There are hurting and broken people all over the world searching for answers.  Help us introduce more of them to the Gospel and show them how to know, trust and follow Jesus Christ.


As you consider supporting the ministry, our hope is that your experience with Need Him Global will be transformative and not simply transactional. You are investing in eternity every time you give to help us bring Jesus to the broken and hurting. Our commitment is to steward every gift well, keep you updated on how that is happening, and always be available if you have any questions.

We are a complex ministry in that we use all forms of media and technology, however, we are singularly focused on sharing the Gospel and engaging in live conversation to help people meet Jesus. The ministry is also unique in that we don’t use our interaction with those seeking Christ as a means to expand our donor base, solicit financial support, sell products, or add names to a mailing list. We exist solely to use as many means as possible to share Christ and provide a broad variety of ways for people to respond to Him.

Our vision is straightforward in that we want to change the world one Gospel-centered conversation at a time. In over two decades, we have done that millions of times and we know it is only through the support of friends like yourself, and God’s grace, that we continue to evolve and see more people become part of God’s family.  We hope you will join us on this journey.


Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.    (2 Corinthians 9:7)

We understand that giving is a privilege. It is awesome to think that we can actually take the stuff of this very material, finite, temporal world and leverage it for infinite, eternal gain. Jesus called it “laying up treasure in heaven”.

Scripture is clear that God is always more interested in what is happening within our hearts versus what decisions we make from solely our heads.  Rick Warren teaches that the verse at the top of this section encourages us to have four heart attitudes when we are evaluating giving:

  1. Give thoughtfully. Don’t give impulsively. The most spiritual kind of giving is when we think about it and pray about it and make up our mind about it. Why? Because we plan anything that’s important in our lives and God wants our giving to be important and meaningful.
  2. Give enthusiastically. Don’t just say, “I have to give! If I don’t give, God’s going to hit me with lightning or something.” Give because you know God’s going to do something big in your heart when you become a generous person.
  3. Give voluntarily. Anytime you’re pressured by a person to give, don’t give. God’s not going to bless it anyway. But every time you feel challenged by God to give, you should take notice and give.
  4. Give cheerfully. Give with joy! One of the Greek words for offering is the word “hilarious.” God wants you to enjoy giving to him and to others.

Whatever your ultimate decision, we are grateful you are here and considering being part of the work we do for His kingdom. May God speak clearly into your heart and bless you generously.


Financial Transparency

Need Him Global is committed to financial transparency and the highest standard of stewardship. The ministry is an accredited member of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability and works to attain the highest possible ratings from Guidestar and Charity Navigator. We promise to shepherd every gift responsibly to share Jesus Christ with as many as possible and we welcome your questions. We have included our past two years of audited financials and tax returns below.