A Fresh Look for ChatAboutJesus.com

The ministry started with a single website and phone number in 1996. Communication was much simpler then and we were still a decade away from the first iPhone. This started to change a dozen years ago when Need Him Global took the controversial step of creating a campaign that would share Jesus on MTV.

This was one of the first major evangelism initiatives that was not on a Christian television or radio network. It was also the first major outreach for the ministry that was not solely telephone focused. As such, we needed another place to send those responding to our invitation to learn more about Jesus. We decided a simple website with online chat would be the easiest way for people that wanted to connect digitally. That was the beginning of chataboutJesus.com.

Over the years, we added options to this single page website for seekers to launch a conversation via text message or phone call. We have welcomed over 2.6 million visitors and had over 1 million conversations generated from the site alone. 

The proven success has encouraged us to make this site the primary evangelism landing page for the ministry and upgrade the format. We have created a more complete and culturally relevant Gospel message on the home page. In addition, we have added a section on Spiritual Questions with brief articles and resources on topics like assurance of salvation, hearing God, forgiveness, and unanswered prayer. We also added a section on Life Struggles with short articles and resources on anxiety, loneliness, sexual sin, self-harm, and other struggles. 

The early results have been very encouraging with more people engaging the content and connecting with our faithful volunteers. We have an assortment of media assets that reach different generations with different questions. However, the cornerstone for our radio commercials, social media advertising, and several partner ministries will continue to be chataboutJesus.com. We encourage you to check it out and use it with those seeking a place to start understanding who Jesus is and how much He loves them.