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The ministry can only share the Gospel effectively through the hard work, prayers and support of our Responders and financial partners.


As a ministry, we have always worked together with strong believers to respond to those with questions about Jesus. Over the years, Responders have proven to be the glue that allows the ministry to keep growing. We do everything we can to keep responding simple and straight-forward. Our objective is to make the technology intuitive and easy to use while providing opportunities for conversation with those seeking to know Jesus.

This ministry has the incredible blessing of playing a part in the Great Commission by sharing the Good News of Jesus with people from all over the world. We strive to do this by meeting people in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15.

Responders must be passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people. We ask that you be able to give at least one hour of your time every week. We will train you on the basics of sharing the Gospel in an online setting. You will learn how to use a very simple and intuitive web-based system that requires no software and allows you to log in remotely. You just need a computer with internet access. And because this is all web-based most Responders share the Good News from the comfort of their own homes.

Kathy’s Responder Story


Need Him Global receives calls, online chats, text messages and social media messages on our secure response platform. As a Responder, you will have to designate what type of conversation you wish to participate in within your application. Once you have been through training, it is actually quite simple as all conversations are contained within our response system and you will only receive a conversation if you are logged into the system and available. We make every effort to keep Responder personal information private and confidential along with the personal information of those seeking conversation. Once the connection is made, you get to encourage, pray for, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those seeking to have a conversation. Our goal is to respond with compassion, love, patience and the truth based on God’s Holy Word.

We get conversations from over 200 different countries on every imaginable topic. It is not easy but it is incredibly rewarding. We encourage you to pray about this and be honest with where you are in your own walk with Christ. Conversations will test your faith and the enemy loves to deceive and discourage. If you are ready for the hard work of sharing God’s Word with the hurting and broken, then complete the application below.

Ministry Positions

The ministry is currently accepting resumes for the following open positions on our team. You may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

Resident Leadership Program – Internship, Part-time (View)

Social Media Internship – Part-time (View)