We were founded through partnership and we welcome opportunities to link with other ministries to advance His kingdom


We partner with ministries around the world in two significant ways:

  1. Many ministries have us engage in live conversations with their visitors through a link to our volunteers.
  2. Other ministries use our EchoGlobal Evangelism Response System to manage conversations with their audience.

One of our core principles in ministry is to leverage our people and resources to bring glory to God’s kingdom. We don’t partner for financial gain but rather to extend the reach of our partners in order for the Gospel to be shared with more people around the globe.


Ministries have been using technology built for other purposes and piecemealing solutions together for years. EchoGlobal is the revolutionary evangelism response tool that was built specifically for evangelism and allows ministries to meet Christ-seeking people from all over the world in a multitude of live conversation options in any language.

This platform utilizes the latest communication and security technologies to create an intuitive and effective tool that allows safe and secure Gospel conversations globally.

Need Him Global currently engages seekers in conversations via online chat, text messaging, phone calls, on Facebook and other social media platforms. We also license this technology to ministries around the world that have response teams and simply lack an effective tool for evangelism in their native language. To learn more about EchoGlobal you can visit:


In addition to our own evangelism efforts, Need Him Global responds to seekers sent to us from other ministries. These people come from all over the world and often want to engage on difficult life issues before we can help them learn how Jesus changes everything and what it means to be in a personal relationship with Him.



The other way we partner with ministries is to share the Echo Evangelism Response System. Ministries all over the world are engaging people with their own response teams in multiple languages using online chat, text messages, voice calls, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and various other forms of social media to connect with those looking to learn about Jesus.


If you would like to learn more about how to partner with Need Him Global and expand the reach of your evangelism efforts then feel free to contact us at