Advance – Summer 2015

Every few months we slow down to share the latest news about Need Him Global through this newsletter.  Each time we do so I am reminded of just how awesome God is and how wide his net reaches.  There is no limit to how far our Savior will go to save us.  This comes to life through the different people and organizations that reach out to us for help.  In fact, it seems like every week I receive a message from someone with an idea for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wanting to know if they can send those with questions to this ministry or leverage our technology.  Occasionally there is more to it than that but most of these are done with the best of intentions and are driven by a desire to help others learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Many of these opportunities are on a smaller scale than the average media campaign.  However, we understand that in God’s perfect holy economy, sharing the Good News with just one person makes it worth it.  The other end of that spectrum is when worldwide ministries seek to partner in order to reach thousands of souls living without Jesus as their Savior.  Then there are those that seek to share in countries where it is not safe and even mentioning the organization’s name in conjunction with a specific campaign can put lives at risk.  In the end, we always work to maintain a focus on partnerships that advance His kingdom and proclaim Jesus rather than what sounds bigger or cooler.

In the past few months, we have partnered with organizations that will be using our Echo response system to share the Gospel in Egypt, Iran and China.  We have also discussed including a message or link to the website with a book author, board game designer, English language training organization, online gaming community, toy retailer, and mobile phone app developer.  These different projects each serve as a precious reminder that we all have the responsibility and ability to share the Gospel.  Our prayer around each opportunity is simple…may God reveal how He wants this ministry, His ministry, to bring more lost people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  I hope you have the blessing of experiencing our loving Creator working through you the same way this summer.

Pete Miller, President & CEO