Advance – Winter 2017

Need Him Global has a culture that encourages strong partnerships and advances the Gospel through collaboration over competition. One of my favorite examples of this is our partnership with Christian Vision.  CV is a global Christian ministry with a strategic goal to reach a billion people with the Gospel. They have teams around the world and came to us last year before Ramadan.

In Islam, Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer. Each day during Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. They are also supposed to avoid impure thoughts and bad behavior. This is a significant holy season for Muslims.

CV had an idea of using media during Ramadan and offering Muslims an opportunity to chat with a Christian about what it means to follow Jesus. In other words, during a time when Muslims would be focused on God and truth, they could learn more about Jesus Christ. They needed a secure and robust response system to manage those conversations and a partnership with Need Him Global was born. It was an incredibly successful campaign.

The latest project from CV is with their North American team. The idea was to identify eight areas of common struggle and create a web site crafted to offer hope on each of those topics. The topics include alcohol, marriage, drugs, meaning, loneliness, gambling, pornography and financial struggles. The site is simple and clean with a video gospel presentation and a chat option within each topic area. This team is filled with experts at using Google ad words and search engine optimization to drive people with these issues to a new web site called Real Answers to Life.  What they don’t have is a large base of volunteers ready to answer chats and meet people where they are to share Jesus Christ. This is where we came in to partner and respond to the people chatting from this new web site and share the Gospel.

This project has successfully created a platform for reaching true unbelievers. They are searching for anything on the internet that may offer change and hope. They are seeking a way to break free of bad habits, a way to look at life differently, or a way to be forgiven for things they are not sure are forgivable.

On average, every hour of every day brings us someone from this web site. We treasure partnerships like these where one organization uses its skills and blessings to create more opportunities to share Jesus Christ and another utilizes its resources to talk with people that never have heard the good news and desperately need it in their lives.