Announce – Fall 2015

Under the purpose statement “to serve the largest possible number of people in the most helpful way” Moody Radio (WMBI) came on the air as the radio voice of Moody Bible Institute in July 1926.  With this as their purpose statement, it is not surprising that Need Him Global partnered with Moody Radio from the inception of the ministry.  In fact, from the beginning, Moody Radio played a central role in the production of the radio commercials that would be used to announce the Gospel.  Assuring that the cross and Jesus would be mentioned in every commercial, Moody Radio acted as the production clearinghouse.  Partners from across the country would send in commercial messages and Jon Gauger, now Special Projects Producer, would add music and sound effects.  He would then produce and duplicate over 200 CD’s distributing them quarterly to radio stations across the country.

Jon has an amazing history at Moody Radio starting with his first job while a Moody Bible Institute student.  For over 30 years Jon has been witness to the history and building of the Moody Global Ministries that includes the university, a publishing company, conferences and radio station.  When he started filling in on the morning show, there were only 4 or 5 stations and occasionally a listener would call in to leave their name for someone to call back and pray with them.  As Jon states, “imagine my surprise when we first opened up for listener prayer requests and the lines were full”.  Now, Jon prays with his listeners for healing, prodigal children, marriage challenges and salvation.  One of the sweetest calls came from a listener who Jon was able to lead to the Lord and encourage by sending Moody materials to continue her spiritual journey.

After eight decades of constant expansion, Moody’s radio ministry consolidated under a new name in 2008. “Moody Radio” reflects the broadcasting heritage and future as a worldwide media creator and distributor.  It continues today as the largest network of Christian radio stations, affiliates, Internet stations, podcasts, and related programming.  Presently, Moody Radio owns 36 stations nationally and has over 770 stations that carry some or all of the Moody programming which takes advantage of enlisting some of the Moody Institute’s faculty.  Add to this 4 online stations with 1600 outlets carrying some of the Moody Radio shows, and it obvious that Moody Radio has carried out what was the original focus of the evangelist, Dwight L. Moody, “to edify believers”.