Announce – Fall 2016

I was recently looking at a list of campaigns where the Gospel is being shared across North America.  It included a variety of different networks on cable television along with local news. Gospel messages are being shared on terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and internet radio.  Christian musicians are becoming more direct in sharing the Gospel during concerts. We even see more private citizens purchasing billboards that are sprouting up in several states as well as in Canada.  Social media campaigns about Jesus, the Bible and even the lies of Satan are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and assorted mobile web sites.  One organization will soon print 25 million new tracts on the Gospel.  It all reminds me how God can use any medium and technology to reach the lost and how He speaks to people in all places.

The other reason this list interests me is because it is a summary of where Need Him Global is currently working to share the Gospel. We are actively advertising on select television, radio, mobile apps and web sites. We are leveraging multiple new campaigns on an assortment of social media sites. We are also partnering with multiple ministries and artists. And we will be the gospel response for 25 million printed tracts that Crossway publishing will print in the next year. The common theme is that the Gospel is being shared and in each case people are being encouraged to reach out to this ministry if they want to learn more about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We understand the changing way communication is occurring. Media may be everywhere but we now live in a world where how people get information, consume entertainment, and “talk” with one another is rapidly changing. Some of these changes clearly have improved the amount of information available and made life easier in some respects. However, the result for others is a void taking shape in their hearts. We may be able to be connected wherever we go, and travel further and cheaper than at any time in history, but people are not closer to one another.  In fact, adults are 50% more likely to say they are lonely today than just 10 years ago.  We see this play out when people come to the ministry looking for help.  In response, we just launched a reading plan on Loneliness that can be found on to help people see that God is right there and wants to be in their lives.

Need Him Global will continue to look at the most effective and efficient ways to announce the Gospel. We want to be where the lost are and speak truth into their lives.  We can’t wait to see where God leads us next.