Announce – Winter 2016

It’s with great excitement that we unveil the new Need Him Global website to you. In fact, the website ( has been live for the past month.  Aside from an updated look, the new website features a powerful new way to navigate the work and ministry of Need Him Global.  If you have visited, then you have already experienced this new dynamic and streamlined interface.  After surveying users and analyzing the data from the old site concerning what people were searching for (and actually spending the time to read), it showed that there were two very diverse groups of people visiting the website.

One set of visitors was seeking information about Jesus and what it means to follow Christ. The other was looking for different types of information about the ministry.  The new site is crafted to meet the needs of both groups through simple navigation and streamlined menus directing visitors down one of two clearly marked and color coded paths.  The objective was to simplify the messages and the potential paths a visitor could take leading them directly into the information they are seeking.

The first path is Learn About Jesus. This has been designed to offer simple and uncomplicated answers to those with questions in order to provide the clarity and peace that only comes from knowing Jesus. This path includes an overarching Gospel narrative and uses an outline from the Covenant of God’s Love Bible to walk the lost through scripture showing how to be saved by Jesus.  This section also encourages new believers in their walk and provides helpful resources such as a free Bible and a national database of churches.  And in order to be true to our heart as a ministry, there is always a link to live conversation for those that need to talk with someone about lingering doubts and concerns.

The second path is Learn About Need Him Global.  Included is all the necessary information that friends and partners of the ministry might need to access. This section contains testimonials, television and radio commercials, as well as information about volunteering including an online application.  Also located here is all our financial information.  Additionally, the site has expanded our donation options allowing the ministry to accept gifts of any kind including stocks, electronics, vehicles and the ability to set up monthly support.

Please take the time to visit the new website – but more importantly – share it with anyone that is looking for hope and desiring to know more about Jesus. The single largest group of visitors remains those that are looking for Jesus and guidance on what it means to be saved.  Meeting those seekers with clear information and answers is the first priority and goal of the new website and Need Him Global.