Are you ready to help?

The first time we do something usually makes us nervous. Can you remember the first time you had to speak in public? How about the first time you shared your testimony with someone or walked a friend through the Gospel? 

Jesus was very clear. He not only commanded us to go make disciples, but He promised to be with us as we did so.

Need Him Global relies on believers answering that call and meeting the hurting and broken with the hope found only in Jesus. Over the years, there has been thousands that have gone through training and had conversations. But seasons change as does the makeup of our volunteer base. Last year, we saw 237 people complete the application process and get approved as new volunteers. Unfortunately, many never take the last step to get online and share their faith.

I do not share that number to make you think we are over-staffed. The ministry is always looking for more help and we hope you will seriously consider volunteering. If you were to talk with our current volunteers, you would hear how they are blessed as much as those seeking help. The current group of active volunteers ranges from 19-95 years old and they would say that if they can do it then you can do it.

We know everyone is busy and we have heard all the reasons why this is “not a good time”. We understand that most people do not engage in evangelism for one of four reasons:

We fear the unknown.

We lack faith in our abilities to answer questions.

We lack courage and write it off as this not being our gift.

We believe we do not have the knowledge to share the Gospel and discuss God’s Word.

Our training walks you through each of these concerns. We show you how God will use what He has redeemed in your life to help someone going through something similar. You do not need seminary training or to think you know every answer. And the nice part is you do not have to go find a stranger because they come to us and are usually more nervous than you are. 

One of the biggest areas of change in the ministry over the past four years has been in the area of volunteering. We have continued to invest in technology, resources and materials that make this easier and easier. We will help get you ready and keep offering you resources on how to handle the most difficult questions and issues. May 2019 be the year you join us and allow God to use you to change lives the way He has changed yours. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.