ChatNow Partnership

One of the many changes in the ministry over the past five years has been the growing number of partner ministries. These are ministries with some digital presence that do not have volunteers and look to Need Him Global to respond to their guests seeking conversation. 

This aspect of ministry really turned in late 2016 when we started partnering with ChatNow. This was truly a God connection if there ever was one. We were praying for ways to expand our reach and generate more conversations. At the same time, ChatNow was bringing hope online with a robust web site that generated over 25,000 visitors each month and many seeking to ask questions and talk. 

As Matt Rich, the President of ChatNow, recalls “We had produced a good website that was attracting a lot of searching people. I was quite concerned about approaching Need Him for partnership in case the number of enquirers we were being blessed with would be seen as a burden. You can imagine my delight when we were welcomed with open arms!”

This partnership came together quickly and immediately produced fruit with over 10,000 people chatting each month. God’s hand was evident in how we came together and what we were able to mutually accomplish. 

Over the past six years, we have received over 760,000 chats from this one web site and are deeply grateful for the truly biblical focus of this ministry and the sincere and seeking nature of their guests.

We now see this as one of the cornerstones of the Need Him Global approach to reaching the lost and broken. It has expanded our international reach with most ChatNow conversations coming from outside the U.S. 

Similarly, Matt recently shared “We are so grateful to Need Him for their desire to work with others to see God’s Kingdom grow rather than simply ploughing their own furrow. We would be much less effective without this partnership, but together our Heavenly Father is using us in great ways to call people to Himself”.

Join us in celebrating a true kingdom partnership with God receiving all the glory and people all over the world coming to know, trust and follow Jesus Christ.