Happy Birthday Echo Global Response!

For the first dozen years that Need Him Global existed it was primarily a phone ministry using an assortment of telephony solutions. Then media opportunities to share the Gospel changed and it became clear that the ministry would need to use things like online chat, text messaging and social media if we wanted to reach all people. The challenge was there were no response systems that would handle all those different response technologies and help with evangelism.

The ministry was fortunate to have partners that would allow us to use world class systems but those were focused on managing customer relationships and selling more products. After much prayer, the ministry eventually made the decision to invest in building a system specifically for sharing the Gospel and nothing else.

Echo is that evangelism response system. This revolutionary technology solution allows volunteers to log in securely and remotely to respond to seekers from all over the world.  It is specifically designed for evangelism with training and resources specific to sharing the Gospel. It is a cloud based platform that incorporates phone calls, online chats, text messages and emails into a single response system that can be used by volunteers anywhere they have internet access.

In the Spring of 2014, the latest and most current version of Echo was launched. When the former President of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board saw it, he said … “Echo could be the tool that God uses to complete the Great Commission! Echo is the piece we will need to accomplish this in our lifetime.”

In less than three years, the system has handled over 1 million conversations across phone, online chat, text messaging and email. We now have ministry partners around the globe using the system and contributing to its maintenance costs. The system is easily converted to other languages so some of those ministries are having conversations within Echo in different languages like Spanish, Farsi, Uzbek and Azerbaijani.

We are grateful for your support and that of our technology partner. That team has been instrumental in developing, maintaining and advancing this lifeline to conversations with seekers. We are grateful for this incredible technology and look forward to the next million conversations that share the Gospel and the one true message of hope found in Jesus Christ.