Leveraging partnerships for kingdom growth

In a world overcrowded by competing forms of information and media, it can be difficult to reach the right audience with your message. We have more information than we need or would have ever imagined on our phones. We also have more entertainment options on various platforms than we could ever consume.  Additionally, we now have different forms of social media, the increasing rise of voice activated options (think Siri and Alexa) and a growing desire to watch short videos rather than read anything. 

The reality is Need Him Global could never afford to put the Gospel in front of every audience we want to reach.  Thankfully, we don’t have to try. There are ministries around the world trying to reach different audiences using these various forms of technology. They lack what we have – volunteers ready to meet people where they are and share Jesus Christ. 

Last year was transformative as the ministry saw significantly more conversations come from partnerships than our own web sites and advertising. We welcomed several new ministry partners that were each looking for ways that their seekers could talk with someone live about Jesus. We are not going to stop our strategic advertising, but these new sources of conversation offer us more opportunities to share the Good News at no additional cost to the ministry. It is truly how the kingdom should work with each part of the body contributing what it does best.

The most recent example of this is Mission X. This ministry has been around for over twenty years focused on reaching the youth of the world for Jesus. They do this through MXTV which produces short television programs that offer an eclectic menu of alternative music videos, extreme sports, short films and relevant teaching. Now they have included links to us via text messaging and online chat options so that we can talk with their viewers all over the world about Christ. 

Tim Bisagno is founder and President of the ministry and he said “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Need Him. I have praised the Lord numerous times a day since we talked on the phone that first day! We are SO encouraged and more motivated than we have been in our history.” Praise God for partnerships that leverage his servants to reach more of the lost!