One Volunteer’s Story of Change

The ministry is blessed with so many humble and incredible volunteers. We went to one a while back and asked her to share some observations about the changes she has seen in the ministry. She agreed but wanted us to withhold her name so the story would be more about what God is doing and not what she is doing.

This volunteer has been with us since 2005! She was here in the days of only phone calls and has grown with us over the years. At the beginning of last year, she decided to have some fun and track how many countries she had conversations from in 2022. We pick up the story in her words.

“Today I got a chat from the 100th different country this year! I wish I could say it was a good chat but in a way it was not. It was from a young lady in Malta. She was mad at God for taking away her love and wanted to end her life. Though I did share the Gospel with her it ended with my not knowing if anything I said made a difference. It brought me back to a valuable lesson I learned early in my time here.

When I first started with the ministry my husband of 32 years and my dad had just died. I was able to overcome by reaching out to help others. It took my mind off my troubles. However, I found myself driving home and not focusing on the good conversations but rather always be focusing on the ones that did not go well. I would be thinking of all the things I should have said and would feel so defeated. 

One night I believe God showed me that this is HIS work. My discouragement was replaced with knowledge that everything I say is a seed planted. Others will water it, but God is the one who gives the increase. I now encourage others to not be discouraged with the conversations that are not fruitful. Regardless of the results, your work is still valuable. Remember this is God’s work. All we have to do is show up and let Him do the work. God can get you through anything if you just let him do his will in his way in his time.”

We are grateful for every volunteer and their hearts for seeing the world come to trust Jesus.