Reaching All People with the Gospel

The Gospel has traveled the world in very different ways over the past two centuries. There are times it was met with open arms and other periods of history where colonialism and other agendas made it much less receptive. Often the openness to the message is reflected by the level of divisiveness seen in culture.

Looking forward we see a world that will be even more connected to their devices and varying types of media that fill it. The challenge will be to insert Christ into those interactions because many in the world keep moving away from Him.

We also see certain areas of the world, like the U.S, where there is a growing cynicism about God’s Word and those trends are unfortunately accelerating. According to a recent Gallup poll this May, only 24 percent of Americans consider the Bible to be the literal word of God. This is the lowest percentage in Gallup’s forty-year history tracking this question. This coincides with rise of people claiming no religious affiliation.

There are also new false gospels emerging. In a time when tolerance is valued more than truth, we see gospels based on identity politics, sexuality, prosperity, upward mobility, and critical race theory. History shows the list will undoubtedly keep growing as even good causes become dangerous when they are elevated above the one true Gospel. 

We also see the growth of different types of personal worship. This can be meditation and activities that focus on the “spirituality of feelings” over real relationship with Him. These misguided theologies fit into the current cultural narratives of “do what makes you feel good” and “your truth is the only truth that counts”. 

God seems to start spiritual awakenings at unexpected moments. While we pray for that, we envision a future where Need Him Global will wisely use technology and media to keep reaching people who are searching for God. We will offer them easy connection into safe Christian community. We will continue to share hope, grace and truth. 

While much around us keeps changing, we know that each person was created for relationship with God, and we will keep bringing people into that saving knowledge.