Reaching New People in Different Ways 

As many of you know, the humble beginnings of Need Him are rooted in Christian radio. It was all about reaching those listeners that did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Christian radio and online content continue to be one of the many avenues we use to share the Good News.

However, media has changed dramatically in the past two decades, especially in social media. We are now better able to reach different audiences with much greater efficiency. We can target diverse and specific generations, geographies, and people groups to reach with Gospel-centered messages.

The ministry understands that the core message of the Gospel remains the same, but it needs to be shared differently depending on the age, experience, and life issues of the seeker. We seek to meet people where they are and present the one true message of hope found only in Jesus in a winsome way that will land softly and generate live conversations.

We have found that creating advertising that speaks to specific people groups and points them towards web sites that carry a similar tone can bring more people into a conversation. These targeted campaigns allow us to share Jesus in the most relevant and inviting way. 

This has led the ministry to utilize multiple web sites. We can tailor them around the most relevant questions and struggles for each segment of people. All carry the Gospel message but with a voice and view to the distinct life issues of each audience.

This approach has led to some of our most effective advertising. For as little as $500 a month on social media, we are reaching millions of people that are not normally engaged in faith-based discussions. We are connecting with more people in the hardest to reach places and having conversations about Jesus where there is minimal Christian presence.

True kingdom building is hard work and often requires faithful working of the soil and planting seeds of truth that may take time to harvest. We are creating more of those opportunities to share the Gospel with forgotten people groups using new brands and tools to open doors previously closed.