Requirements to Volunteer

Part of the purpose for Need Him’s existence is to help train and develop evangelists for Christ. We want you to be completely ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ again and again.

Therefore, we would like as many of God’s people as possible to be involved with this front-line evangelism effort. There is no skill set too large or too small to participate. We do, however, expect volunteers to fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • Know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and be fully convinced that you belong to Him by faith through grace in Him alone.
  • Be actively involved with your local church. It is important that you’re growing in your Christian life and fellowshipping with God’s people. You will not advocate any doctrines other than Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and you will refrain from proselytizing for your church or denomination.
  • Understand and agree with our Statement of Faith while committing to not speak anything contrary to that Statement to those you interact with through Need Him.
  • Maintain a consistent prayer life. It becomes clear that each call is a specific work of God through you. Therefore you must be close with God’s Spirit through prayer before, during, and after each conversation.
  • Minimum age of 18. Some conversations will include sensitive issues and “adult content”. We expect all volunteers to be able to use good judgment with regard to how those things are discussed and be able to redirect or terminate such calls as appropriate. We provide training to help you minimize needless offense or disruption.
  • You agree to not provide your personal contact information or contact those you speak to outside of official ministry business.
  • You agree to not provide any professional counseling, legal, medical, or financial advice.
  • Commit to taking phone calls or chats a minimum of one hour per week. And agree to notify Need Him if there is any change in your ability or willingness to keep that commitment.