Volunteer Profile: Anita Clowers

Anita Clowers

Anita Clowers in one of our most tenured volunteers. She has faithfully served the ministry for over 17 years and we wanted you to hear a little about her story and how she wants to encourage others to serve.

When did you start volunteering with Need Him?

I started in 2000 after hearing about it from one of the pastors at my church. He shared about a ministry that was sharing the Gospel with people calling them on the phone. I thought that I could share the Gospel but my concern was whether I could do this in faith and not in my own flesh.

Do you remember your first conversation?

I don’t really remember the first one. I remember we would come into the office back then to volunteer and there were four of us taking calls. We would talk to each other during breaks and lean on each other for verses but now all that happens online in the volunteer community.

How often do you get online now?

For the past nine years, I have volunteered on the phone for three hours every Friday afternoon. Being able to do this remotely from home has made keeping this schedule easier and I am more relaxed in the comfort of my own home.

Do you prefer phone calls or online chats?

I prefer phone calls as I feel I can better connect with the caller. As a mother of five, I can hear their pain, attitude and the condition of their heart differently than an online chat. When I hear someone crying it makes me stop and be that much more intentional about listening to them and how I respond.

What was your most memorable conversation?

It is really hard to think of just one. Recently I spoke with a man that had given up on himself and was really down. Despite feeling like he had nothing, he was fighting against the idea of surrendering his life to Christ. However, when he eventually prayed to accept Jesus he became a new man and was completely different than the person I had been speaking with leading up to that prayer. The transformation was a reminder of God’s love and power.

What would you tell someone wondering if they can do what you do?

We can all do this. My capacity for loving others has grown beyond what I thought I was capable. This grows you in so many ways and I really can’t think of a conversation where I did not get more than I gave. God is still working on me and this is a powerful way to honor Him. This reminds me that when we walk in faith through God’s Word we will be blessed. I think every believer should do this. Need Him is the best “seminary” there is.