Academic Partnerships

We have always believed volunteering to share the Gospel is something every seminary student should do. We know the knowledge that they acquire in seminary is incredibly valuable. Students eventually become pastors or leaders in ministry and need to know how to apply those learnings and have conversations across a broad arena of topics. Taking conversations through Need Him Global offers those benefits and exposes students to a worldwide audience without the need to travel the world. 

Changes due to the pandemic caused seminaries to think differently about student evangelism. One of the blessings of this covid-challenged season has been the growth of our academic partnerships and seeing more students participating in conversation as part of their educational experience. With many of our seekers skewing towards younger demographics, these students often get to have conversation with the same generation and share how Jesus has transformed their lives.

We now partner with eight different seminaries around the country and several Bible colleges. We are in discussion with several more institutions that want to understand how to give their students this opportunity.

One of our longest standing partners is Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Chair of their Evangelism Department recently shared the following:

Our partnership with Need Him has not only changed the lives of our students – it’s changed the eternal destinies of countless lost souls. Because of Need Him, our students are granted digital access to lost people. In fact, students don’t have to go and find unbelievers willing to talk about Jesus, unbelievers are coming to them asking them about the only hope available to them in this life. While we will never abandon the practice of person-to-person evangelism, our partnership with Need Him adds value to our students’ evangelistic experiences by conversing with and reaching people they could never meet otherwise.

The students we see through academic partnerships bring a unique experience to our overall volunteer base. We are grateful that God has opened more doors this past year and allowed our response capacity to increase through these valuable partnerships.