Partner-Driven Conversations

The ministry started with widespread partnerships in the Christian radio industry. A large part of our early conversations were the product of us receiving free commercials on Christian radio with an invitation for listeners to learn more about how to have a relationship with Jesus. Those radio partnerships continue to this day with over 400 stations across North America playing Need Him commercials and offering a safe place to talk.

As you know, traditional radio has seen significant change and there are more ways people can engage in entertainment and music. Satellite radio was the first major pivot and then streaming services and podcasts came along offering further choice. The next chapter of this story took off when we started inviting people to connect with us in media beyond radio. This brought more ministry partners that were focused on creating Gospel focused content for use in different arenas like television, social media, and even movies. 

These partnerships bring us additional traffic at no expense to Need Him. Good content creation and distribution have a financial cost and when we get to share the Gospel with people without absorbing all that expense it is a true kingdom win. The other half of the equation is those ministry partners get to offer live response to their guests and ensure lost individuals have a place to learn about Jesus.

Need Him has always been fortunate in receiving a percentage of conversations through creative partnerships like these. Volume from these partners has grown, and we now regularly receive most conversations through valued ministry partners. We also have partners in different countries targeting diverse audiences with the common theme being an invitation to discuss Jesus. This allows our volunteers to share the one true source of hope with more people. When ministries share a goal of building His kingdom, the results usually exceed the expectations.  We have experienced this many times and thank God for weaving these partnerships together and creating something much greater than any of us could do alone.