Advance – Spring 2015

The story of Josiah and Cotey gives all of us a poignant reminder that there is no substitute for someone that really cares.  As a ministry, we are always working to evolve so we can better meet lost people where they are. All this so we can encourage them to trust us enough to reach out and hear the only message of eternal hope grounded in truth and love.

We never stop looking for patient, loving and loyal volunteers that expand our capacity to talk with more people. Historically a few bible colleges encourage students to try evangelism through Need Him Global for a semester. We welcome those partnerships.  As a team, we are determined to find new ways to partner with others and increase the quantity and quality of conversations. We think we have found a true foundational cornerstone for how that will be done going forward through the Resident Leadership Program.

Before we added text messaging, the conversation between Josiah and Cotey may have been very brief and concluded an hour after it began.  However, something truly special happens when you combine the easy ability of text messaging to carry on a conversation over time with the Resident Leadership Program that provides a regular and recurring opportunity for committed future church leaders to develop these types of conversations and ultimately relationships.

We hope to expand the Resident Leadership Program to seminaries around the country and eventually the world. As Dr. Mark Bailey of Dallas Theological Seminary recently said…”for those that are part of the resident program it’s all made even more real by engaging people and helping them realize that grace is real… God is working… and the Gospel transforms lives.  We are humbled and honored by those that have partnered with us in various ways to add this program to all we do to serve the kingdom.  We look forward to the day when even more residents can invest into a life the way Cotey did with Josiah.

Pete Miller, President & CEO