Announce – Spring 2015

As Need Him Global takes the next steps to stir conversation in areas of culture that few are willing to engage, it is with great excitement that we announce a partnership with Ditore Mayo Entertainment. 

With a strong desire to bring beauty and authenticity to every idea they create, Ditore Mayo Entertainment is a visual storytelling company that uses art & entertainment to craft compelling narratives for brands, organizations and people.

DME tells stories for Under Armour, American Bible Society, CBS Sports, Red Bull and I Am Second; in collaboration with personalities across culture including, Tiger Woods, Pharrell Williams and The Robertsons.

According to Scott Mayo, “our team is passionate about this partnership with NHG and connecting the gospel to mainstream culture through ideas and distribution channels that compel people to lean in.”

This year’s partnership continues the theme of honest conversation with a number of new and distinctly fresh spots – each designed to tell the audience that they are understood and appreciated.

Scott continues, “Need Him Global inspires us with eagerness to stir conversation in areas of culture that very few are willing to engage.  We are excited as we find their work on MTV sandwiched between an episode of Teen Mom and a Jay Z music video. That’s amazing. Some may say it’s risky, but we understand that the heart of the organization is compelled by love.

In addition, Need Him Global and Ditore Mayo Entertainment will continue their partnership on the powerful Chat About Jesus initiative.  To see examples of these cutting edge spots, please go to the Need Him channel on YouTube.