Answer – Spring 2015

Josiah’s message was simple…he was giving up on God. At Need Him Global, we talk with people from all walks of life. Sometimes those conversations are really difficult and it feels like the message is falling on deaf ears. Cotey started this hard discussion but would be surprised as it progressed to the point of true friendship and ended with a clear choice about Jesus.

Cotey is part of the Resident Leadership Program and has always been active in answering text messages. One day last September, he received a message from a young man named Josiah.  Josiah’s message was simple… he was giving up on God. As they talked via text, Cotey learned that Josiah was 20 years old, he also was a father of a one-year old girl and…he was fighting brain cancer. Josiah did not feel like God was listening to his prayers and he was frustrated and losing hope. Cotey shared how God hears all prayers and how our relationship with Jesus can influence how we pray.  They discussed the Gospel and the need for forgiveness. They texted one another multiple times each week throughout the fall and got to know one another. They shared stories about their first car, first date and first job but Cotey always brought it back to Josiah giving up his heart to Jesus.

Josiah eventually moved to Pennsylvania for experimental treatment for his brain cancer and unfortunately, that did not go well. In fact, his doctors offered to walk him through assisted suicide options. He talked that over with Cotey and came to learn through their conversations how much God values life. There was clearly a friendship and a bond between these two young men. Josiah admitted that all he really wanted was to see his daughter grow up – but that would likely not happen. Cotey sent him a text on Christmas Eve and waited for Josiah’s reply.  The reply never came.  After a few weeks, in early January, Cotey received a text asking if he was the young man sharing Jesus with Josiah. He replied yes and received the following message from Josiah’s family: They told him that Josiah wanted them to thank Cotey for all he had done and to let him know that he saved Josiah’s life because he did give his heart to Jesus before he passed away.

In some ways there will never be another conversation like this one. In other ways, someone through Need Him Global does this every day by answering a stranger and meeting them where they are with the only true message of hope.