Advance – Winter 2016

This variation on the adage “out with the old and in with the new” is a good description of what we are always striving to accomplish with technology.  Part of how the ministry advances the kingdom is removing the barriers to conversation for those with questions about what it means to know Jesus.  Over the years, we have expanded the ways to reach us from toll free telephone calls to online chat and most recently through text messaging.  When online chat was introduced, the ministry launched  It was a simple site with a Gospel presentation and a direct link to start an online chat conversation with one of our volunteers.

We now see over three in four visitors to the ministry engaging us from a mobile device or tablet.  This not only means the content must be mobile friendly and easily viewed from a smaller screen but that there are unique opportunities to leverage that technology and connect more easily with seekers.  In order to leverage that growing trend, we have taken and made it a more flexible point of entry into the ministry.

The new site now automatically offers to dial the phone, start a chat or send a text message once the visitor selects their preferred conversation type from a mobile device.  This removes the need to remember phone numbers or other web sites and brings those looking for Jesus one step closer to having a live conversation.  The 888-NEED-HIM phone number still works but we are simply trying to leverage the latest technology to simplify the ways to get in contact with us.

The latest organization to leverage the site is the Jesus Alliance.  This alliance is comprised of over 100 different Christian ministries that have a goal of uniting believers around the world to serve and glorify Jesus Christ. The latest initiative is a video series sharing a new video message every six weeks on the hope only found in Jesus (#ShareHope). The campaign asks believers to share stories of hope and for those that don’t know Jesus to talk about it and ask questions.  The new site is given as the place for non-believers to have that conversation.

Need Him Global has always been about sharing Jesus above all else. The new site is simple and clean with little confusion about what we offer.  Please pray that the new videos will draw more people into conversation with us ultimately resulting in our Savior’s kingdom growing.  We hope you will send those you know that are looking for a safe place for a conversation about Jesus to

Pete Miller, CEO