Announce – Spring 2016

We all feel that the world is rapidly changing. Faith and God are certainly among the topics thought of differently than they were a generation ago. In fact, those with traditional values and beliefs are increasingly being viewed as narrow minded or uninformed. And if you choose to live your faith more openly you may now often be seen as extreme and irrelevant. The reality is this is not new and makes the need for the Gospel and what Need Him Global does only that much greater.

We have been talking to young people for 20 years. We understand their heart felt needs and have seen how those issues have evolved. The challenge is that younger generations are becoming progressively less interested in God, church, religion and the bible. According to a recent study by Pew Research, 35% of Millennials now identify their religious affiliation as “None” and less than 50% are “absolutely certain” that God even exists. Today younger generations do not want to be identified by a particular faith or label. However, the cause is not lost. When interviewed about specific issues and questions this generation shows genuine spiritual interest in matters of faith.

We recently did a three-month test using Facebook to try to create conversations with Millennials. We decided to focus on three “big” questions about God: Does God exist? Does God forgive? Does God care about me?

We saw incredible response with over 50,000 responding in one month. When we investigated the results and looked through the conversations we had, we realized there are many questions about God that this generation has and wants to engage. No surprise that they actually prefer to read more online about these issues before launching into live conversation with those they don’t know.

The result is Need Him Global has launched a new web site: The concept is to have a safe place to find answers to some of those big questions about God and then offer conversation about what is means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have posted the first dozen questions with short and simple articles meant to create conversation. We have several dozen other topics planned as we intend to use this as another means to engage younger generations that think through these questions differently.

We are fortunate to have an Advisory Group of Millennials to help us see what they see and use technology in ways they appreciate. They recently came back and said that is the most exciting and relevant site they have seen on religion and faith based questions. Our prayer is those initial impressions will be echoed by their peers and that God will use this ministry in yet another way to share the Good News.