Answer – Spring 2016

“Time ceases.  All troubles and concerns are gone and HE is with me.”

But this wasn’t always the story for Kathy Johnson a Need Him Global volunteer.  Over 11 years ago, a fellow member of her Prestonwood Baptist Church congregation, Dick Adams, invited her to be part of a growing ministry that shared Jesus.  After three months of determined persuasion, Kathy finally relented and came to observe and listen in to Dick as he shared his faith and heart with hurting people calling in to 1-888-NEEDHIM.  As she listened in on the conversations, she fought the urge to volunteer and came up with plenty of excuses – but finally realized it was her pride that was keeping her from joining this mission.

Now years later, Kathy can be found on Friday mornings at the Need Him Global offices.  She shares how she feels blessed and privileged to share his fresh love with poor and broken-hearted people.  As she takes chats and phone calls, she knows that HE is strengthening her faith to do HIS will.  Although skillful at handling chats, she really loves speaking to people on the phone because the conversations are so real and dynamic.  In fact, there are still times when she is surprised by the conversations and only then does she recognize it is the Holy Spirit speaking through her.

Kathy takes the week between her “shifts” at the Need Him Global offices to review the conversations she records in her journal and pray for those she has spoken with as well as those she has yet to meet. She continually asks herself how she can be a good listener so she can patiently take the time to be attentive to each caller’s story and problem.  Once she establishes trust, she prefers using scripture to answer their questions as opposed to her own words.  She focuses the conversation on the Lord – who is the source and the answer.

After more than a decade and hundreds of conversations, Kathy is thankful that this ministry has given her the opportunity to share her faith.  She challenges others by stating, “anyone can do it if I can do it.”

She now sees that sharing Jesus in not something she just does but that it is a part of her purpose here on earth.  Kathy shares that Psalm 90:12: “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” is a cornerstone of her faith.

“Kathy’s Story”