Announce – Summer 2017

“Do you ever wonder if your life even matters or if God knows you exist?”  It is probably safe to say that this is not how most people expect their daily dose of music to be interrupted. However, that is exactly what has been happening the past two months on a variety of secular channels on Pandora satellite radio.

Pastor Alistair Begg was kind enough to lend his wonderful and unique Scottish brogue to record the message and invite those with questions about God to text with us.  Listeners were encouraged in the message to look at their mobile screen. They see a simple message from Need Him Global and when they touch their screen it automatically opens a text message to us.  This removes the need to remember a phone number and quite simply lowers the barriers to conversation and engagement.

The campaign has been a success by any measure as we have engaged with people from all over the country about their questions, their fears, and their doubts regarding God’s love and forgiveness.

As we have mentioned before, the beauty of text messaging is the conversations do not end a few minutes after they start. We can walk with people for days, weeks and months. Some are taking the first steps towards knowing Jesus Christ and others have made that commitment and are seeking to reconnect with Him and his body of believers.  The conversations have been primarily with those who are 20-40 years old and many of them don’t have others in their lives that they trust to engage on hard questions or personal issues.

As we regularly evaluate the new media opportunities that present themselves, and the effectiveness of all our efforts, we are encouraged by the thousands of people that responded in the first weeks of this campaign. We give God the glory for creating technology that allows us to meet strangers and have consistent dialogue with them about the love of Jesus Christ.  And we are grateful for partners that allow us to step into these unique places to share the life changing power of the Gospel.