Announce – Winter 2015

Need Him Global partners with many wonderful ministries in our work to announce the gospel.  One of those ministries is the PULSE movement. PULSE is the initiator of a nation wide movement called RESET targeting students and young people for Christ.  Led by Nick Hall, the ministry has grown to over 30 campuses reaching over 250,000 people each year through concerts, events, festivals and conferences. PULSE exists to awaken culture to the reality of Jesus.

Many young people access technology differently.  Nick and the PULSE team have partnered with Need Him Global for their events.  A dedicated short code (think abbreviated text number) is offered to the audience so that all those hearing the Gospel can respond, ask questions and learn more about what it means to follow Christ.  Need Him Global responds to all those questions via text messaging.

As one of our early partners utilizing text messaging for evangelism, together we have proven that not only can we share the Gospel via this technology, but we can continue the relationship with seekers longer and disciple more effectively.  Need Him Global looks forward to our continued partnership with PULSE as they build towards their event in July 2016 at the National Mall in Washington, DC  uniting people of all backgrounds around Jesus.