Answer – Winter 2015

On the morning of Monday, January 19th, Christine Tijerina, Director of Volunteer Services for Need Him Global went to the home of long standing volunteer Gene O’Neal to assist him in setting up ECHO on his personal computer.

Later that evening, 30 year-old Shelly from Illinois called our 1-800-NEED-HIM phone number and was connected with Gene.  As soon as he greeted her, she told him that she wanted to know more about this man Jesus. Before sharing, Gene asked her what she already knew of Him. That’s when he learned Shelly was a woman who had been raised in a family with a lot of abuse, had no religious background and did not own a bible. She had, however, learned that Jesus died for her sins.

At that time, Gene decided to explain the story of why He did that for her. Gene began to share the whole Gospel with her beginning with Genesis and the need for reconciliation with God all the way through the book of John. Gene continued to share scriptures out of the book of Romans, which led to a discussion on Jesus taking care of the penalty of sin. After that, Gene asked Shelly if she was ready to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior and if she would like to do so tonight. After a moment of weighty hesitation, Shelly answered with a firm tone, “Yes, I would.” What a joyous sound that erupted in heaven at that very moment! Gene then explained the plan for salvation – that she needed to admit she was a sinner, repent, and turn to Christ, accepting his free gift of eternal life.  Shelly prayed out to God by herself with Gene compassionately listening.

Before ending the call, Gene spoke to her about the importance of getting involved in a local church.  Gene plans to send her a copy of the book of John. He said the entire experience was a beautiful one.

God’s timing is always perfect – ensuring that the ECHO system would be in place so a specific, caring, Need Him Global volunteer would be at the other end of this particular conversation to lead a seeking woman to His saving grace.

Gene O’Neal has been a phone volunteer with Need Him Global since 1998. At the age of 82, Gene still works as an insurance agent and is an active member of his church, First Baptist Richardson. His wife Joyce has also been volunteering with Need Him since 1998. They’re passionate about God, His kingdom, and evangelism and their lives are certainly testaments to this. We’re so thankful for Gene and his wife and for their part in Need Him Global.