Are You a Gateway or Roadblock to Christ?

 I recently was revisiting memories of conversations my grandparents and older relatives would have around the family table. They would lament how the world was “falling apart”. There were predictions of doom and gloom for future generations with no real hope for change. 

Being part of this ministry, we can feel that pressure as we have a front row seat to some of those changes. In fact, in the last few years we have seen fundamental changes in how the world views things like marriage and sexuality. We have also witnessed alarming growth in pornography, suicide, depression and loneliness. It is easy to fall into the trap of hopelessness. 

None of this comes as a surprise to our Lord. Our call is to meet people in love with the one true message of hope found in Jesus. Unfortunately, that challenge has become more difficult as more people walk away from faith and the church. Others leave because they have been hurt by the church and now expect the worst from God. 

The result is more division within churches and some even deciding to give in to culture and stop preaching truth. This hit me hard in a recent visit to Washington DC. I was visiting a church that was holding a function at a nearby church. As I walked through the facility, there were signs and literature out in the open pointing people to the DC Abortion Fund. When I stopped to read the information, the organization was offering financial assistance to subsidize the cost of an abortion for those that can’t afford one. 

It was like a kick to the stomach – the church was helping promote abortion! I was stunned and heart broken. This church had decided to forego truth and stop sharing how God values life and the options available to respect life. 

The need for this ministry becomes even greater when churches and pastors are not sharing biblical truth. This was also a reminder that Need Him Global must always be a safe place for hard conversations and an appealing option for all people to talk through difficult issues. We must remain a welcoming gateway for these conversations, and introducing Jesus, rather than a roadblock. 

I encourage you to not let a broken world discourage you. Keep sharing truth in love and be ready with an answer for those wondering how Jesus makes a difference. And when you are ready to do that beyond your own family and social circles, come volunteer