Welcome Our Newest Board Members

Serving on a non-profit board is not always easy. Need Him Global asks a lot from our board members so we go through an extensive recruiting process to make sure everyone understands what is involved and expected. For instance, the board meets monthly to review the operational and financial performance of the ministry along with all new partnerships. The board also has a separate monthly meeting to pray over the ministry in addition to a quarterly four-hour meeting to do a more in-depth review and focus on strategic initiatives of the ministry. 

We are excited about the two new members that recently joined the board of directors. 

Don Janacek is the President of FreshOne, the nation’s fastest growing supplier of fresh prepared food to grocery and convenience store retailers. Before starting FreshOne, Don was the Managing Director of an autonomous business unit within LSG Sky Chefs. Prior to LSG Sky Chefs, Don acquired and managed a custom plastic bottle manufacturer in Houston. 

Don holds a BA in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin. He is the former Chairman of the Texas Scholarship Foundation and is a member of Watermark Community Church. Don is married to his wife, Melissa, and they have two children. 

Tom McGehee is the founder of WaveChanger. His company trains organizations to use RbC (results-based conversations) to create productive internal dialogue that leads to greater understanding, alignment and engagement. For over 20 years, Tom has worked globally with businesses, nonprofits, and ministries helping them accomplish more than they thought possible. 

Tom is a graduate of Auburn University and also served 12 years in the U.S. Marines including command of two Special Operations Units, as well as serving at Camp David and in the White House. After his service, Tom was an executive with EDS and a partner with Ernst & Young, LLP. Later, he started his own firm, WaveChanger, where he was able to further develop the principles and models that now comprise RbC. Tom and his wife, Elaine, have been married for forty years and have four children and several grandchildren in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They attend Watermark Plano. 

We are grateful for both of these men and their commitment to serving and stewarding the ministry going forward.