One of the interesting aspects of this ministry is we get a preview of what the world is really struggling with before it becomes more widely known and accepted. Historically, we have seen this happen with dramatic increases in the number of conversations on gay marriage, loneliness, pornography and a host of other issues before those topics started being reported on by the media. 

We have also come to see that despite the fact that these issues are not uncommon, people do not know where to go for help. We live in a time when the average user on Facebook has 338 followers and 707 on Twitter according to a recent study by Brandwatch. However, we know that behind those numbers very few people have someone they can turn to in times of serious hardship and struggle. We also know that social media encourages people to put their best face on, and not the one that admits we are struggling, hurting or at a loss of what to do.

Several years ago, a ministry partner launched a campaign to meet people in the middle of life’s hard issues and offer some practical, biblical answers to their questions. The web site they used to facilitate those conversations was called Real Answers to Life. This campaign was quite successful at generating conversations with people and introducing them to a gospel-centered way to live through life’s hard times. Over time, that partner started focusing elsewhere and they stopped managing and promoting the site.

We are excited that Need Him Global has recently taken control of this web site and given it an overhaul so we can leverage this concept further. It offers specific encouragement around eight of the more common conversation topics including loneliness, pornography, marriage, sexuality, depression and purpose/meaning. Sometimes the most powerful thing we share with a seeker is that we have also gone through similar struggles. This new web site provides another platform for the ministry to meet the hurting and broken and share the one true message of hope that carried us through those difficult times. We look forward to how God will use this resource to introduce Jesus to those that are fighting through some of life’s dark seasons.