Offering Biblical Truth Even After the Conversation is Over

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and believed you knew exactly what they needed but there was little chance they heard your advice and were going to follow through? In those times, we often feel like if only we could hand them something to read, or use later, they might actually follow through on what we know would help. 

This happens often with online evangelism. We know the lifecycle of the conversation may not be very long so we offer truth but wish we could share something that this person could use later and that might help once the conversation is over. 

The ministry is regularly looking at different resources to share with seekers. We want to both encourage their walk with Christ and offer relevant guidance through some difficult issues. Daily devotionals and reading plans have become a good way to encourage regular time in the Word and offer guidance on specific challenges through a biblical perspective. Many of these are often forwarded right to the person’s mobile device and are easy to use.

The Holy Bible app ( offers the Bible in multiple translations and languages as well as reading plans on a diverse number of topics. Need Him Global has published multiple reading plans on this platform for several years. Specifically, when there is not a strong resource around an issue that is growing in frequency, we create a reading plan through partner resources and our own experience. This often is done in conjunction with our ministry partner Got Questions. We co-publish resources in order to provide a biblical perspective and encouragement after the conversation has finished. 

Those reading plans also contain links to connect with the ministry so all those finding the plans on their own can contact us and talk about how Jesus can be part of their lives. We recently published our eleventh reading plan and have had over 300,000 people subscribe to those plans since the start of last year. This is another way we connect with seekers around the world even after the live conversation has ended.