Former Resident Update: Joy Kiruba Cherian

We recently shared how the Resident Leadership Program turned five years old this year and that we have seen over 100 different seminarians from ten different countries participate in this one-year internship program. We have witnessed how the experience gained through a large volume of conversations on a wide variety of topics has helped better prepare Residents to make a more lasting impact in leading the global church. We thought you would enjoy hearing one of their stories.

Joy and her husband, Simon, both came to Dallas Theological Seminary to study from India. Their goal was always to return and build God’s kingdom in their home country. Joy was part of our second year sponsoring the Resident Leadership Program and always seemed to have at least one conversation each day with someone from India no matter when her time online occurred. Since graduating, they have moved back to the state of Tamil Nadu in India and have had a little boy named Judah. Their work is difficult, diverse and meaningful. 

Over the past year they have taught at the Madurai Bible College, led Bible study for young high school age women, hosted a couples Bible study for new believers every Monday night at their home, and lead vacation Bible school for children including 70 Hindu kids that heard the Gospel for the first time. 

Additionally, they are visiting local villages to spread God’s Word and have started a youth Camp for over 160 high school and college kids. The focus at camp is on discipleship and they are teaching through topics such as sex, relationships, marriage, pornography and how to use social media in a healthy manner. Joy was quick to point out that she consistently shares her gratitude for the training she received through the Resident Leadership Program, and we are equally blessed to have been part of their training and journey. As they do their work, despite threats from Hindu fundamentalists that are resorting to violence and persecution, we ask you to join us in prayer for their safety and for God’s continued blessings upon their service in doing His work.