Chat About Faith

The ministry hosts several different web sites trying to connect with different people in various stages of life to share the Gospel and offer conversations about knowing, trusting, and following Jesus.

Chat about Faith was a site we launched nine years ago based on a partnership with some movie directors. They were making films with a Christian message and the first credit at the end of those movies would direct people to to learn more about Jesus.

This web site has been a true blessing as God has brought over a million visitors to us and seen tens of thousands of people give their lives to Jesus through this connection. However, many on the movie industry are no longer able or willing to list an evangelism site as the first credit. We are grateful for the connection and people it reached but realized it was time for a change to the content.

As we considered how to redesign the site, we did a little research on the question of faith. What resources came up when we searched for faith online. We also looked at where most internet searches for faith were generated from around the world. It turns out African countries where spiritual awakenings are happening was one of the primary drivers of traffic.

We were surprised to see that when we added a chat or conversation component to our search parameters, the most common options were for Islamic and Mormon based organizations. Our goal is always to share Jesus with more people and generate more live conversations.  So the question became how we could leverage an existing domain name and create a simple starting point that would appeal to all people and develop over time to being the most relevant site for those with faith questions.

The result is our new site. It is an easy read walking guests through the basics of faith and moving into sections on biblical faith, Jesus, how to profess your faith and ways to grow our faith. Think of this as version 2.0 with more changes and additions to come as we gather more data and learn from the conversations it brings us. We pray you will visit and share with others.