Welcome Back

Dave Turtletaub joined the ministry board in 2006 and served for ten years before rolling off. The last four of those years was as Board Chairman. He recently rejoined the board in August and shared his perspectives on Need Him Global during a recent discussion.

Question: How did you first become involved with Need Him?

Answer: Our current Board Chair, Kerry Stover, introduced me to NHG in the early 2000’s. I was intrigued and open to hearing more about it. The more I heard about the ministry, the more I was drawn to it.

Q: What is different about the ministry now compared to before?

A: First, the ministry is leveraging more forms of media to announce the Gospel. When I first joined Need Him, all our advertising was on Christian radio, and the only live conversations were via telephone. But Need Him is exceptional at keeping up with the rapid changes in technology and social media, leveraging the growing number of ways to announce the Gospel and interact with those who respond. As a result, the ministry is truly global now, which wasn’t the case during my previous Board tenure.

Second, the ministry has many more responders now compared to 2016. This means better response rates and many more conversations about our Savior.

Lastly, I’ll mention the significant growth in our partnerships with seminaries and their students. We’re working with more seminaries and they’re really seeing the value in partnering with us. This has driven an increase in the number of students who are in our Resident Leadership Program.

Q: From your perspective, how would you compare the health of the ministry now versus before?

A: I feel like the ministry today is on much firmer footing now than it was during my initial Board term, and I see this across all areas of the organization.

Q: What is different for you personally this second time around compared to before?

A: Actually, nothing is different for me, and that’s because NHG’s mission hasn’t changed. The three-pronged way NHG fulfills its mission by announcing the gospel, answering seekers, and advancing God’s kingdom through ministry partnerships, still resonates deeply with me. I’m passionate about the ways the ministry fulfills the Great Commission and advances God’s kingdom, which is why being back on the Board is truly a blessing to me!