Dramatic growth in volunteer base

Need Him Global’s response model has been built upon having faithful volunteers that desire to meet all people and share the Gospel. We have been fortunate over the years to have many that fill that description. We also keep looking for new and creative ways to find even more. Recently we have seen our international volunteer base grow and our Resident Leadership Program provide added capacity through a unique internship opportunity.

We have also steadily been growing our academic partnerships. We partner with a few Bible colleges that send students our way, but the primary focus has been on local seminaries such as Southwestern Baptist Theological, Dallas Theological and Truett. We have also been reaching out, with the help of a few strong advocates, to multiple other seminaries trying to integrate online evangelism with Need Him Global into their curriculum. 

The current “shelter in place” recommendations have accelerated those conversations. Many students are now unable to complete their face-to-face evangelism requirements for school course work. As you might suspect, these seminaries are now seeing the value in digital evangelism and their interest in partnering has grown quickly. 

Just last month, we saw three nationally recognized seminaries commit to having their students complete evangelism requirements going forward through volunteering with us. One school expects nearly 250 students to volunteer each semester.

Additionally, many evangelism ministries that are unable to engage in their typical operations are seeking a place for their staff and volunteers to keep evangelizing during this time. We have onboarded over 70 new volunteers in the past two weeks coming through partnerships with other ministries. 

God uses all things for good in the end. We are grateful that we can be a place where the kingdom can come together in a time of crisis and share the Gospel at a time when it is never more needed.