Sharing hope in uncertain times

Using media to share the Gospel and offer an electronic means to respond has never been more relevant in our lifetime. We have seen God use the ministry in many different ways over the past two plus decades. However, it is even easier to see Him at work right now. 

The massive social changes brought about by the coronavirus have made online evangelism one of the few places for live interaction and discussion about Jesus. We are blessed in that we were prepared and have a front row seat to seeing how God is at work even in the midst of all the apprehension in the world. 

The broad range of life issues and topics we normally see has not disappeared. But we are definitely seeing a significant increase in conversations about worry, fear, faith, and end times. We are talking with more people each week this situation goes on and many of those conversations are with folks that we would normally not have conversation. 

Despite the added volume, we continue to look for creative ways to invite more people into conversation. In the past month, we have leveraged several different social media campaigns along with a variety of other things including the new movie, I Still Believe, secular radio campaigns, two new reading plans, digital billboards, and partner ministries launching new web sites. May God use each to grow His kingdom.