How can we pray for your family?

At any given time, families can be going through really challenging issues that threaten to pull them apart. If you are lucky enough to not be there right now, then the holiday season may have at least reminded you of other ways families struggle to get along. 

Sometimes the issues are not particularly life changing.  Other times, they are more serious and can affect every aspect of life and the very fabric of what it means to be a family. Most of us understand that life may bring unexpected surprises and brokenness within a family that happen despite our best efforts. 

Parent Compass is a ministry that puts out an award-winning television series about the challenges facing families of different issues, race and income levels.  The episodes and topics range from marriage difficulties to caring for older parents and job loss to health issues.  

The show candidly follows these real-life stories through different homes showing how parents that are overwhelmed and isolated can find God’s peace amidst the endless challenges. The episodes air on their web site and through Facebook.

Need Him Global has partnered with Parent Compass to include an invitation for viewers to learn more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, many believers are just looking for someone to talk with and pray through their own family problems. 

If you are involved in strong Christian community then you may take for granted having people that you can lean into during the hard seasons of life. Sadly, most of the world does not have that support or blessing. 

We are grateful that these shows not only remind people that God is bigger than their problems and He wants to be involved, but that there are loving followers of Jesus Christ willing to encourage and pray with them.  It is one thing to be motivated and inspired by another person’s story. However, it is often very difficult to know how to apply that scriptural truth into our own situation. We celebrate the opportunities to encourage families to trust God and pray with them to realize how God is working even in the midst of their most challenging times. Let us know if we can do that for your family.