E-Tech Galaxy 

As a ministry that relies on volunteers to share the Gospel, we are always looking for creative ways to introduce believers to the opportunity for evangelism through Need Him Global. We are not able to do what we do without the faithful volunteers that help us share Jesus Christ with the world. Over the years, we have been fortunate in finding volunteers through partnerships with Christian colleges, seminaries, churches and other ministries.

Earlier this year, we started talking with E-Tech Galaxy. This small and growing private company is based in Ft Worth, Texas. They sell computers and electronics on eBay and Amazon. They are a company based on prayer and offer their customers the opportunity to seek prayer with a staff member. The management team has advanced degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a passion for helping others come to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. They reached out to the ministry and started a conversation about having their employees spend part of their working day sharing the Gospel by answering chats online.

We are always looking for more volunteers and this was an opportunity we would not pass up. We had never encountered an employer wanting to pay their employees to spend part of their day spreading the Good News. This summer we spent a morning at their offices and trained their management team, supervisors and staff members on how to use the Echo response system and manage chats online. We are working through the learning curve of balancing their job responsibilities with the challenging work of meeting those who are lost, hurting and sometimes angry.

We are grateful for their hearts and every conversation they take. We value and appreciate every volunteer and are thankful God is moving within this company. We hope this inspires others to think about how they, or their organizations, can get involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.