Please Join Us in Prayer

The past few months have seen incredible disasters and heartbreak. We have watched the devastating impact of hurricanes and earthquakes as well as wild fires and mass shootings. We tune into the details of one crisis only to see another replace it within days. When these horrible events hit closer to home, we can’t move on so quickly. When these touch those we know we are unable to remain relatively distant. When our friends and loved ones are impacted we cannot avoid thinking about how lives are affected and lost.

We have watched as board members and faithful supporters have suffered through catastrophic damage from Hurricane Harvey and then saw longtime friends of the ministry lose their home to the California wild fires. Please join us in taking time to lift-up these families, and all those affected by recent disasters, asking God to bless them in ways beyond our understanding. May it also be a reminder to each of us of all our heavenly Father blesses us with each day.