Isn’t Evangelism Outdated?

When I joined the ministry the challenge with evangelism was not getting people to agree it was important but finding those who were willing to engage in it. Recently, the conversation has more often turned to whether evangelism is appropriate.  The last few years have seen more articles suggesting that evangelism is wrong or disrespectful.

As culture continues to value tolerance and personal choice more than truth, the arguments against evangelism have grown.  It is not uncommon to hear things like “all views are valid”, “Christians are too judgmental”, and “it’s wrong to share with others that have different faith”.

The frequent call of culture now is to live a good life or do good deeds with no need for Jesus. Not only does this approach fail to pull back the curtain of ignorance about our Creator but it misses the Gospel call to share Jesus.

Evangelism offers conversation about the one true source of hope in a broken and hurting world. It provides an alternative to the distorted views of a fractured world that the enemy so deceptively crafts. In addition, sharing our faith is not only called for but commanded in scripture. It allows us to be part of the process of the Holy Spirit opening and changing hearts.

Need Him Global is built upon a mission to share the Gospel. Nothing culture claims will deter us from answering that call and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. And the regular stories of transformation and life change show us the Holy Spirit is alive and at work when we are faithful.

Sharing truth in love does not force our views on anyone nor does it disrespect anyone as less than us. As saved sinners, we are offering our testimonies of grace to those that are coming to us to find something different. The ministry does not show disdain for other cultures or beliefs. We are meeting people where they are and allowing the Holy Spirit to use us to reveal the love of God.  Who do you know that needs that love?