What Makes Need Him Global Different?

It is always nice when someone wants to understand what makes us unique. It is also a question that is difficult to answer in a short or simple response. To fully appreciate how Need Him Global is different we look at five distinctives:

1. The ministry is about sharing the Gospel with all people and doing that through live conversation.

It is great to share Jesus through media and different outlets, but a live conversation is the key to helping someone truly understand who Christ is and what He offers. We are different in that we respond real time to those with questions and in crisis. We have transformed believers meet people in their greatest moment of need.  And we do not collect personal information or send a response days or weeks later.

2. The ministry is truly global reaching the entire world.

Last year the ministry had live conversations with people from over 220 different countries and territories. We talk with more people from outside the US than from within. Those are encouraging statistics but even more important is that we reach people in violent, persecuted, and hard to reach places with the Gospel.  These are people that do not have a local church to attend or a place to openly discuss Jesus and the bible.

3. We use media and technology to be more efficient and share it with others.

The ministry started as a media ministry but that has evolved as media and technology have changed. These tools allow us to reach more people, offer more believers the chance to serve, and partner with more ministries around the world. The ministry now has over 60 different Christian ministries utilizing our response platform. When considering all giving, including donated media, there is no ministry more effective or efficient with over 98 cents of every dollar going directly towards evangelism.

4. The ministry trains the next generation of church and ministry leaders to evangelize.

The challenge in getting a traditional seminary education is that there are few opportunities to put what you learn into practice while still in school. Our Resident Leadership Program and partnerships with multiple seminaries now see over 400 seminarians each year meeting people online and sharing the Gospel. This experience is invaluable and prepares them for the next step of serving and leading the church.

5. The ministry maintains a purity without the mission drift that can impact others.

The goal of every conversation, decision and partnership is to share the Gospel and bring glory to God.  Many people encourage us to monetize activity or chase goals that focus on flashy outcomes. We desire to be wise about all we do. We believe having a global perspective on trends is essential to our mission. However, faithfulness in sharing the Word means we trust the Holy Spirit with the results and do not need to employ questionable processes and tactics to create hollow numbers.