Meeting the Lonely Online

If we think about our different friendships, we see that those relationships came about through different settings. Some through school, others by way of work and some through mutual acquaintances or attending the same church. For many people, those type settings are becoming more difficult and less common. We hear this regularly in conversations with people all over the world that struggle to make friends and build healthy relationships. 

Social media has become the place many seek out instead of working at those relationships. We have seen that this forum can also be a place to invite conversation about Jesus.  In fact, sometimes a simple message can be the way to connect with people and open the door to sharing the hope found only in Christ. 

We recently created a short 30 second video that shares how Jesus changes everything.  It portrayed people going through hard times. The message acknowledged that we all have difficult seasons and that it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing more on the problem than the solution. We shared how God has an answer and promises that apply to these situations as well as invited people to connect for conversation. 

We chose to use Facebook (Meta) to share this video and set a modest budget of $50 per day. For all its issues, Facebook still allows you to target audience location, age and multiple other demographics while reaching huge numbers of people for relatively little money. This simple message has been a gateway to talking with thousands of people about their stories and how Jesus changes lives.

By spending a little over $4000 we were able to put this video in front of 1 million people. Amazingly, over 30% of them watched the video and over 14,000 people came to our site and engaged with us. This equates to less than 30 cents a connection. 

Many of these people shared messages of loneliness and pain. The sweetness of this campaign was to see how Christians responded offering their own stories of finding hope and new life through Jesus. Thanks for your support in allowing us to share the Gospel with those who are alone.