Meeting Wandering Christians

We are often asked how often we connect with believers. It is difficult to answer that question with specificity since so many of our guests claim a label like “Christian” or “believer“ but then admit they have no relationship with Jesus. 

That said, we are talking more with people that know Jesus and claim to have put their faith in Him alone for their salvation. What is interesting is that so many are without any healthy community. 

The pandemic obviously impacted churches and how congregations meet and worship together. Recent studies have suggested that as many as one-third of all churchgoers prior to the pandemic have yet to return to church. There can certainly be legitimate reasons for that, but many simply have decided that it is not that important.

There have been numerous studies on the group of people that describe themselves as atheist, agnostic or have no faith. This group has been labeled as “Nones” and has been growing rapidly as it now represents over 26% of all adults in the US. 

There is a second group of people that have essentially declared they are finished with established religions and are leaving the church. These people are known as “Dones” as they do not reject faith but have left the formality of organized religion and worship. 

A new group of believers is now being labeled “Umms”. These are believers that have historically been involved in church, been part of small groups, and still desire to be involved in a local congregation but feel like they don’t fit in and are currently without a church. 

The beauty of Need Him Global is we talk with all these groups of people. When life gets hard, everyone wants to share their story and be encouraged. Healthy community provides a place for us to go when that happens. For those running from God, church, or healthy connections, we become the place to be heard and ask questions. Join us in praying for those seeking true Spirit-led community and reminding them that God created us for life with other believers who can love, encourage, teach, and bring accountability to our lives.