Rise Ministries

One of the most significant changes to the ministry over the last decade has been the number of conversations that come to us from ministry partners. We have previously shared how various evangelism ministries, media organizations and faith-based entertainers have directed their seekers and fans to Need Him Global to learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our latest partner is RISE Ministries. This ministry began in 2001 with Rob Roozeboom’s simple desire to share his story of hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the past 20 years, how they have been able to spread His Word has changed, but the mission at RISE remains the same: Building experiences to encourage and equip every person for everyday life through Jesus.

This message is shared in a variety of ways including festivals with Christian artists and speakers, podcasts, video series online, and holiday celebrations. They have come to see that many Christians may bring or invite a friend that enjoys the music and message, but that person still has questions after the event. That friend may be embarrassed to share their question, or sin issue, with the person that invited them. Now RISE will invite those with questions, prayer needs and wanting to learn more about Jesus to connect with Need Him Global through our dedicated short code text number JESUS (53787). 

People can text JESUS to connect with our volunteers and start a conversation to learn more about Jesus Christ. We know anonymity encourages honesty and transparency. We are grateful for this new partner and the work they do sharing the Gospel with young people throughout this country. And we look forward to meeting people being moved by the Holy Spirit to learn more about Jesus.